O’Snaps OG Hemp Cigarette Enhancement Kit (Menthol Additive Kit) | MOQ 6


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O’Snaps OG Hemp Cigarette Enhancement Kit (Menthol Additive Kit) | MOQ 6

Elevate your hemp smoking experience with the O’Snaps OG Hemp Cigarette Enhancement Kit, the ultimate solution for menthol enthusiasts designed exclusively for hemp cigarettes. This innovative kit brings convenience and refreshing menthol bursts together in one sleek package, transforming your ordinary hemp cigarettes into extraordinary menthol-infused delights.

Inside this compact and stylish kit, you’ll discover specially crafted menthol flavor crushable bead-capsules. But here’s where the magic lies: the O’Snaps kit isn’t just a container; it’s a cutting-edge tool. With O’Snaps, you can puncture your hemp cigarette filter and insert the tiny menthol bead directly inside.

When it’s time for a smoke, a gentle squeeze between your thumb and index finger releases the menthol bead, infusing your hemp cigarette with a burst of icy coolness. Each draw becomes a refreshing journey, making your smoking experience not just enjoyable but invigorating.

No more hassle of carrying separate menthol products. With the O’Snaps OG Hemp Cigarette Enhancement Kit, you have everything you need in one portable solution. Enjoy the freedom to add menthol precisely when you desire, enhancing your hemp smoking ritual to a new level of satisfaction.

Discover the future of menthol-enhanced hemp smoking with the O’Snaps OG Hemp Cigarette Enhancement Kit. Convenient, stylish, and refreshingly satisfying, it’s your passport to a menthol-infused adventure with every puff. Redefine your smoking moments with O’Snaps – where every draw is a burst of menthol perfection.

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  • Precision tool/Capsule Carrying Case Kit
  • For Hemp Cigarettes Only

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