Yocan Evolve Plus Coil Caps (5-Pack)


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Yocan Evolve Plus Coil Caps (5-Pack)

The Yocan Evolve Plus Coil Caps are specifically designed to enhance your vaping experience with the Yocan Evolve Plus Kit. These coil caps are essential for preventing any leakage of thick oils and ensuring a more concentrated cloud production, as well as delivering a thicker and more flavorful vapor. By using the coil caps, you can enjoy a purer taste with every puff.

These coil caps also contribute to the overall maintenance of your atomizer, as they help contain any residue within the coil itself. This means that you’ll spend less time cleaning the entire atomizer and can simply focus on cleaning the coil with alcohol and warm water.

With the Yocan Evolve Plus Coil Caps, you can enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable vaping experience. Each pack includes 5 coil caps, providing you with an ample supply to keep your device functioning at its best.

Yocan Evolve Plus Kit
Yocan Evolve Plus Kit | 2020 Edition
Yocan Evolve Plus Coils


  • 5-Pack

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Evolve Plus Coil Cap (5-Pack)